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About Moira

Moira is a Soul Awakening Life Coach, Success Mindset and Breakthrough Expert, Author, Speaker, Adventurer and Founder of The Ultimate Freedom Lifestyle™ programs and The Awakening Academy™.  Her vision is to help heart centered women globally connect to their divine feminine and power, discover their life's purpose and step fully into the work they were born to do.  Create and live the life and business they love... on their terms!

Her core message is to live a life without any regrets and wake up to the life you were meant to live. Each one of us has a unique life soul blueprint and soul purpose and she is on a mission to help women 'wake up' and remember who they truly are at a core level.  Discover their unique gifts, that only they can share with the world.  Live an extraordinary life... one that is filled with more love, joy, passion, happiness, adventure and fulfillment.