I have been in the new energy of 2015 for a month and now we are officially into the New Year!  A lot of new things unfolding in my personal and business life ~ moving to our new home in London, Ontario ~ new web site ~ coming full circle back to my spiritual teachings, training and integrating all my learnings and certifications throughout the years.

I will be publishing my book “The Game Changer for Women: Creating the Life you Love” in 2015 and launching my brand new Coaching Program “Creating your Life on Purpose: Body, Mind & Spirit ~ From Soul Design to Soul Merge.

I’m extremely excited about 2015 and know that people are coming together world wide to create something bigger than themselves. The Power of Unity and celebrating diversity. This is why I’m founding and co-creating the Passion Challenge Dance in 2015. The event represents the universal language that we all speak of joy, love, compassion, mother earth, passion and brings people together to make a difference and give back to community. Very Powerful! I invite you to join our V.I.P. Women Visionaries Club (Vision, Integrity, Passion, Purpose & unlimited Possibilities) at www.MoiraSutton.com and co-create with us!

Ask yourself what is it that you want to create, be and do in 2015? What will be different and how are you going to challenge yourself to work outside of your comfort zones and expand? I love to challenge myself when I move into the ‘fear’ factor which is really an illusion (false evidence appearing real). Our family was on a mini trip north of Ontario this summer and my husband and son went off to the event, Paint Ball. I was not interested in this at the time (contrast is awesome) and choose to move out of a false ‘fear’ I had of parasailing. I used to love heights and in the past I have sky dived and also parasailed many years ago in Mexico. So, I decided to book right there and then, to parasail today! Well you know, I was a little nervous, but here I go!

The website for this awesome team is www.bigkahunaparasailing.com and this was at the Deerhurst Resort, Huntsville, Muskoka www.deerhurstresort.com. As I quickly moved up into the air, I was swinging back and forth and was starting to focus on the little hook that hooks me on! Well, that hook got my attention and dialogue for a short period of time and then I said “these guys (Mike and Jay), know what they are doing and I’m not ready to die at this time, so move into trust and focus on the great views and ‘be’ in the moment! That decision to shift my attention to enjoy the whole experience was the ‘key’ to moving into a better feeling e-motion. Remember energy plus motion attracts the same vibe into your life experience. The guys even took me down and dipped me in the water. I did ask myself what were they doing for a moment and then down I went and rose quickly again up into the sky! These guys are an amazing team, so check them out if you want to experience this adventure.

So, you might want to ask, what does this have to do with challenging ourselves? We are beings of expansion and it is important to move out of your comfort zones (safely) every day. Challenge yourself to commit to doing something different that moves you into this zone. Experience a yoga class, read a new book, make a cold call, take a music lesson or book a speaking gig. I’m challenging myself right now to learn how to blog and how Facebook, Dig, Twitter, YouTube and play in the world of communication on the internet.

You know what is cool? You get to make the decision on how you are going to expand, grow and live your life today to the fullest potential! Write to us and share your story and leave your comments on the blog below.  Bring your bucklet list, dream list or passion list to the fore front and PLAY BIG!

Cliff and I will be traveling to Argentina this year on an adventure trip from Bueonos Aires – El Calafate, Patagonia – Iguassu Falls – Mendoza.  We will be hiking, experiencing beautiful cities, National parks, sheep ranches and Glaciers and more!  We gifted ourselves with the Rosetta Stone language learning program to learn Latin American Spanish, so we can talk with the locals and wonderful people we meet.  I love to discover a key thread between every person in the world ~ and what is important to them.  Love, our family, being safe and healthy.  We are all connected and ONE.  Celebrate our diversity and cultures, sharing, learning and opening our hearts to love another person.  Connect at a soul level ~ with love.

Remember life is a journey and not a destination.  Enjoy this amazing journey called LIFE and celebrate you and share your unique gifts with the world and make a difference.  You are much loved and never alone.  Much Love.

Creating the Life you Love!