Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast is a bi-weekly show at 3:00 p.m. ADT at http://podcast.heartsoulwisdom.com.  Please visit this link to receive your special gift and links to our guests.  Moira will be interviewing amazing guests who share their real life stories, tools and strategies, to inspire and empower YOU to create and live your best life! A journey of self discovery and transformation. Come along on the journey and finally blast through any fears, obstacles and challenges that might of held you back in the past, so you can live your life with the joy, passion, prosperity, purpose and infinite possibilities. 

Create the Life you Love, Author, Speaker, Intuitive, Life & Lifestyle Coach.

Namaste, Moira Sutton



"I've been a guest on many different podcast interviews since the launch of my book, Where Yellow Flowers Bloom, A True Story of Hope through Unimaginable Loss, and I have to say working with Moira Sutton, the podcast host, was a standout positive experience for me. Moira had thoroughly prepared for a strong interview, she asked insightful questions and fostered an easy dialogue. Her Heart and Soul Podcast makes for a meaningful listening event for people. She was a delight to work with and I hope the viewers enjoy the podcasts." - Kim Cantin, Author, "Where Yellow Flowers Bloom, A True Story of Hope, through Unimaginable Loss"

"Move over Martha Stewart - Moira Sutton is truly the greatest host!  She takes the time to truly invest in having  a real, deep, and menaingful conversation with each of her guests.  Her genuine empathy, interest, and openness create a safe space to share our storis and truly go deep into our hearts and souls.  I was honored to be a guest on her show and am grateful for the opporunity to share my own story and passion for proactive mental health with her audience.  Thank you Moira for one of the best conversations I've ever had!" Janet Barrett, Proactive Mental Health Advocate, Author, Stop the Break

"I can't think of a better person to be the Host of the "Heart Soul Wisdom" Podcast.  Seriously, Moira's enthusiasm for people is infectious; that she cares is obvious, but she also has that unique ability to bring out the best in people.  Some of the interviews I've done in the past felt like a bit of a dog and pony show; with Moira it's about  having a conversation that unfolds and take us deeper.  For me; that's priceless..."  Warren Macdonald, Author & Motivational Speaker, Unlimited Adventure

"Preparation and professionalism always payoff.  Moira took the time for a get acquainted call to make sure we were a good fit and then spent extra time to research really insightful questions.  The results ia a better experience for her guests and maximum value for her lsteners.  What a great interviewer she is."  Entrepreeur and Adventurer Rob Dubin

"Moira is a great interviewer who comes prepared and asks qustions that evoke thoughtful dialogue.  She has a calming presence and a keen ability to steer conversations in ways that are helpful for all listeners - not just those who are spiritually inclined.  I love how her show brings folks from all walks oflife on to discuss subject matters that make us think, feel, and reflect our behaviors for the better.  It's clear she practices what she preaches and lives by her show's name, providing her audience with Wisdom that speaks to their Hearts and Souls."  Brian Sachetta, Author, Blogger & Mental Health Advocate

"Spending time with Moira on Heart Soul Wisdom was phenomenal.  She's a master at leading deep conversations that create ah-ha's, transformations, and incredibly heart-led insights.  If you had to choose one thing to empower you, guide you, and inspire you to create and live your best life, Moira Sutton and the Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast would be it!  What she shares, the stories, and the people... they're real, deeply genuine, and shifting lives through their own experiences.  Don't miss a single episode!"  Michelle Sera, Certified Happiness  Coach, Author, Certified Freedom Formula Facilitator and Founder of Elevated Mind

"I loved being a guest several times on the Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast.  Moira is a delight as a host: sincere, reflective and heart-forward.  I found she was very prepared for our interview and also very ready to go with the organic flow of our heartfelt conversation.  A perfect blend!  Adria Estribou, Angel Channel

"As a guest I thoroughly enj oyed being on the Heart Soul Wisdom podcast with Moira Sutton.  Moira came to the podcast prepared, having done her research on me and our topic.  She had a series of great quetiosn but asked them in a way that felt organic and sincere, rooted in curiosity.  In advance of this interview, I had a chance to listen to some of Moira's previous work and found her to be gifted at creating the space to allow her guests to feel comfortable.  She has a gift at deeply exploring a wide range of topics.  I recommend Heart Soul Wisdom to other potential guests and listeners alike."  Matt Zemon, CEO and Co-founder of Happy

"It was lovely to join you in this thoughtful and compassioante discussion." Tom Mustill, Author, biologist turned filmmaker and writer, specialising in stories where people and nature meet. 

"I love working with Moira.  She combines a beautiful, gentle energy with an intuitive, sharp mind to bring out the best in her guests in order to serve her community.  She is heartfelt and genuine in her desire to help other souls on their journey in this life.  If you get a chance to work with her, grab it, it will be an experience that is enjoyable and enriching."  Steve Vincent,  Poet, Author & Spiritual Teacher

"Moira was well prepared for our episode as she read the entire book that I co-wrote before the interview.  She was genuinely interested in what I had to say and share, and asked meaningful questions instead of the generic ones.  As a result, our conversation was deep and insightful!"  Andy Tsz Chiu Chan, Author, Certified Strength & Conditioning specialist & educator 

"What an honor it was to drop in with Moira on her amazing Heart Soul Wisdom podcast.  Her beautiful presence makes it easy to feel instant intimacy with her and I appreciated the thoughtful and intuitive questions she asked that allowed me to get to the heart of what I wanted to share.  I highly recommend being a guest!"  Emily Pereira, Author of "The Quest"

"I so enjoyed my experience being a guest on Moira's podcast.  She is a thoughtful host and not only did Moira clearly set intentions ahead of time on how the show would unfold, she made time available before recording to double check that we were both on the same page about how the recording would unfold naturally and organically and to answer any questions that I may have.  The experience of the recording was fun and free flowing.  It felt like I was talking to an old friend.  The questions Moira sked were potent and her offerings on my responses and our conversation were insightful.  I truly enjoyed the show and I would love to connect again." Suzanne Culberg, Author & International Mindset Coach

"I really enjoyed speaking with Moira and being a guest on her show.  I was impressed by the thoughtfulness and depth of her questions, and this caused me to really think about my answers in a way that created flow in our discussion.  Her interest and care for our topic was abundant, and I'm grateful and happy for the opportunity to have had our conversation."  Drew Vernon, Entrepreneur & Marketing Director for Tonies 

"It was an absolute pleasure being a guest on the Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast.  Moira has such an authentic and heartfelt style and I felt truly special being a guest on her show.  She asked thoughtful questions and definitely did her homework on reading my book.  It's always much easier being a guest on a show where the host is prepared and experienced to guide the conversation with flow and ease and create space that allowed me to come up with my answer.  Moira truly has a gift of deeply and intelligently exploring the topic at hand.  This was truly an honor to be a guest.  Thank you having me Moira!"  Victoria Gallagher, Worldwide leader in Hypnotherapy, a best-selling author, international speaker, life success coach, and renowned authority on the Law of Attraction

"Moira is super kind, attentive, organized and personal in her approach to producing her show and to podcasting.  I loved our time together.  Thank you Moira!" Stephen James, Founder of the Heart Initiation Academy

"I had a wonderful experience being a guest on the Heart & Soul Wisdom Podcast with Moira Sutton. I only met Moira moments before we recorded the podcast but I instantly felt like I was talking with an old friend. Moira is warm, friendly and knows how to keep a conversation engaging. Leading up to the interview she gave me plenty of information so I would know what to expect when we met. I have been interviewed several times for different media but this interview definitely stands as one of my favourites. Thank You so much for the great conversation, Moira. It was a real honour to have been your guest." Trevor Pickett, Certified Human Movement Specialist 

"Moira was such a pleasure to collaborate with!  She took the time to get to know me and my story before she had me on her podcast.  Moira obviously did her research and came prepared with very thoughtful questions.  Her show's process felt very professional yet easy going.  I feel honored to have been a guest on Moira's show, you can tell she is passionate about adding value to people's lives with her content."  Bijoulea Finney,Bijou. The Mushroom Mamasita, Brand Stylist™, Herbalist and Holistic Guide

"Moira, such a blessing to have a great conversation with you.  I love when a conversation lights me up.  I know we are talking about things that are going on in the world and are alive now, and any opportunity I have to speak with another High Vibration Human enriches my own life.  So, this was a joy!  I look forward to following your podcast, joining your community and listening to the quality of guests you have on."  Blessing and gratitude.  Family Constellation Trainer and Expert Jack Blackwell

"Working with Moira was a real joy!  She is exceptional warm, caring, and flexible.  While recording our interview, I had some odd problem swith the technology.  Where I've had other hosts get upset when things like that go wrong, Moira was extremely patient and kind, and a great host and a pleasure to work with.  Highly recommended!" Author, Elite Success Coach and Spiritual Teacher Brent Michael Phillips

"I loved being a guest on Moira's Heart Soul Wisdom podcast. She does her homework on her guests, so she's well-versed in your story ahead of the actual interview. I made a genuine heart/soul connection with Moira through this process and I am so honored to be featured on her uplifting show. I hope my episode gives hope and inspiration to all listeners, showing them they can overcome any circumstance." Author and Stroke Advocate Angie Read

"Moira was engaging and supportive from our initial contact throughout the entire podcast.  She was genuinely interested and her compassion and passion is evident.  She is a fabulous host!  Create the life you want ot life might sound pretty simple yet for many of us this can be filled wtih challenges.  Moira has created a community for us to share our personal stories but most importantly share how we overcame, how we excel, how we move on all the while allowing a safe environment to be vulnerable and transparent.  I walked through Hodgkin's Lymphoma and I am sharing my journey through my memoir, Positively Altered: Finding happiness in the bottom of a chemo bag.   Being a guest on Moira's show was an opportunity to share my personal story in hopes that it will tranform others to make a positive change in order to live their best lives and forgive themselves along the way."  Dr. Cindy Howard, Author, Board Certified Chiropractic Internist, Nutritionist & National Speaker