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Wake up and Live your Best Life!

Do you want your event to be outstanding? Ready for your audience to be empowered, inspired and challenged to be the best in life and create the life you love to live?

Moira Sutton is a Motivational Professional Speaker who speaks from her Heart and Soul. She connects with her audience in an energetic, dynamic, passionate and inspirational way!

Moira is a catalyst for heart centered women who are ready to awaken the higher mental, emotional and spiritual nature of who they truly are. Create a life on Purpose, with Passion and Prosperity.  She helps women become crystal clear on what they really want and desire in their lives; creating from the inside out and shifting into a success mindset.  They breakthrough limiting beliefs, attitudes and habits, so that they can create more love, joy, bliss, fulfillment and abundance in their lives!

2024 is the year to become crystal clear on your Big Vision for your Life and live the life you truly love and desire.

"What can you say about Moira? High energy, boundless enthusiasm, grounded optimism and authentic generosity. Moira has intense curiosity that inspires the same in others as well as the courage to promote positive change. This unique combination of qualities affords her a graceful ease in developing rapport with others.

I had the opportunity of being interviewed by Moira for one of her television programs as well as enjoying a connection before and since then. In her work, she maintains a commitment to quality and creativity as well as a dedication to helping others. And, she's just really fun to talk with."  Warren Coughlin, Business Consultant/Trainer

Key Notes:

  • The Law of Attraction & How to Become a Success Magnet™
  • Mission Possible — The Starting Point™
  • Making the Leap — Faith, Trust, Know and Believe™
  • Is Your Why Big Enough?™
  • The Inner Game to Life Mastery: Creating the Life & Relationships you Love™

Training and Programs:

  • Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast
  • The Spiritual Awakening: Living a Life with Meaning, Purpose and Contribution™
  • Creating your Life by Design™
  • Create a New Story — Transform your Life™
  • Creating Healthy Boundaries™
  • Discovering Your Infinite Passion™
  • The Couples Blueprint: 5 Essential Ingredients to Revitalize your Relationship...even if you feel you Lost It™
  • The Love Blueprint: 5 Essentials Keys to Create an Extraordinary Relationship and be with the Love of your Life™
  • Breakthrough to Freedom: 5 Keys to Reignite your Hopes, Dreams and Desires™
  • The Ultimate Freedom Lifestyle™ Program
  • The Soul Awakening Academy™ Program

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